Juicing Recipies

Check out some of our awesome juicing recipients below…

apple carrot juiceSimple yet tasty: Apple, Carrot and Lettuce juice

Looking for a simple to make juice that will get your juicing creativity flowing? This apple carrot juice (with Romaine/Cos lettuce) is great because you can throw it together in a matter of seconds, and there is a good chance you’ll will have the ingredients lying around already! A few small pieces of Apple (any kind), carrot, and lettuce leaves, and you are good to go! Click here to read this recipe, which may well be the easiest juicing recipe in the world. Full of flavour, vitamins and minerals, it will leave you wanting more…

jalapeno juiceJalapeno juice with pineapple, kale leaf and cucumber: a refreshing punch in the face!

Jalapenos in a juice? what?!

Yes that’s right, jalapenos have been used in juicing for as long as juicer machines have been around. Why? because as well as the super health benefits they provide (from various vitamins), they also pack a refreshing punch when balanced with the right ingredients. Pineapple, Kale and cucumber will mellow out the spicy jalapenos, and yield a surprisingly awesome refreshing juice. Read the Jalapeno juice recipe here and don’t waste any time in deciding in whether to try this one out, we highly recommend it!

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