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14 Creative Uses for Leftover Juice Pulp

STOP! Before you throw away that juice pulp, check out how you can use it to create even healthier and fiber-licious treats.

juicepulpNote: We prefer our pulp to be quite dry when we use it for other culinary endeavors; we see better results and it is a lot less messy. The driest pulp comes from a masticating juicer, like the Juice Fountain Crush from Breville.

  • Make smoothies

This is perhaps the simplest use for pulp; simply throw it into a blender with ingredients of your choosing, blend, and enjoy.

  • Pulp-sicles

Blend together the pulp and some of the juice that was created from it, then spoon it into molds and freeze them overnight.

  • Make your own dried fruit

For this, you’ll need a food dehydrator. Just lay out your pulp in the dehydrator tray, turn it on, and soon you’ll have dried fruit perfect for snacking or adding to trail mix.

  • Make your own fruit spread

Blend together pulp and a block of cream cheese to create a fruit spread perfect for bagels, tortillas…or just eat it by itself. If you’re feeling adventurous, toss in some extra ingredients, such as assorted herbs and spices, to make something that will really wow your taste buds.

  • Flavor your sweets

Use that pulp to bring a little extra flavor to your cake or muffin batter. Simply blend it into the mix, prepare as usual, and enjoy.

  • Pump up your burgers

We have heard of people doing this with their fruit pulp, but that just tasted wrong to us when we tried it, so we advise sticking to vegetable pulp for this. Mix the pulp in with your beef and reap the added nutritional benefits and fall in love with the enhanced flavor.

  • Make your own veggie dip

Mix some of your veggie pulp in with some sour cream to make tasty dip that is great for guests and family alike.

  • Make your mornings sweeter

Use fruit pulp on your pancakes and in your oatmeal to start the morning off with a smile. We especially recommend pineapples and berries for this.

  • Make fruit leather

On a baking sheet, spread out pulp evenly and sprinkle with spices and herbs as desired. Bake for three to four hours at 150°F, then cut the finished product into strips and enjoy.

  • Make your own broth

Add water, salt, and your favorite seasonings to your veggie pulp and simmer for at least thirty minutes. Remove it from the heat and strain it and voila! You have your own homemade veggie broth.

  • Create nutrient powder

Dehydrate your pulp, then grind it into a fine powder and use it as you please. You can throw it in your smoothies, or into the batter for baked goods, and even use it as a topping or garnish.

  • Use it as a thickening agent

Has your soup or gravy turned out too runny and watery? Use your veggie pulp to bulk it up, both physically and nutritionally.

  • Freeze it

Too busy for pulp creations? No problem, just put it into a container and freeze it. Whenever you’re ready, take it out, thaw it, and use it as you would fresh pulp.

  • Make “cookies”

Combine your pulp (it works best with fruit pulp) with honey or another bonding agent, then shape it as you would a cookie, dehydrate it, and enjoy health “cookies.”


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