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Black & Decker CJ625 Review

Black & Decker is well known for its great kitchen appliances. The company continuously makes quality and affordable products that are in the top of their class. The Black & Decker CJ625 34 oz. White Citrus Juicer is certainly one of the better products of its kind on the market today.

It combines a simple and easy-to-use design with enough power to juice lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits with ease. Here is why this product is a must-buy for those looking to purchase a great citrus juicer. Read on with this great citrus juicer review.

Black & Decker CJ625 Juicer Features

​In order to get the best possible juice extraction of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit a quick and stress-free process and still ensure fresh juice time and again, you must first have a juicer with a powerful motor. The Black & Decker CJ625 certainly has the power to accomplish any citrus juicing task as it comes with a 30-watt motor that will turn your favorite citrus fruits into juice rather easily. Combine the powerful motor with its auto reversing juicing cones and you have the recipe for fast and effortless juicing.

Though most citrus juicing products feature both of these qualities, it should be noted that this Black & Decker products’ parts are simply better than most. Of course, it’s not to say that this product is the best of its kind, but it certainly belongs among the finest juicers because of how well made the parts of this machine are. The cones are made of quality plastic that will hold up even after years of abuse and the motor performs admirably.

Black & Decker CJ625 Review

CJ625 Juicer Build Quality

The sleek design of this product is also one of the many fantastic features this product has. It’s very compact and only weighs about two pounds. This is quite impressive considering the power of the motor and the large 34 oz. juice container. Being able to craft this machine in such a lightweight and condensed manner is certainly advantageous since it can be easily stored in your kitchen without taking up a ton of space.

The Black & Decker CJ625 Citrus Juicer also employs a convenient built-in cord storage slot allowing the electrical cord along with the product itself to be safely stored away. The product is also dishwasher safe, which will undoubtedly save you time when cleaning up.

Complete Pulp Control

Another great feature of this Black & Decker product is that it uses an adjustable pulp control filter. This allows you to accurately control how much or how little pulp you want to be in your juice. Again, even though most similar products incorporate this feature, it seems that the Black & Decker made adjustable pulp control filter just works better than most. It will rarely get clogged up with seeds and pulp, thus allowing you to go about your juicing routine without interruption.

With some other brands, the seeds and pulp tend to get caught in the filter preventing the juices from flowing into the juice container. This can become a major hassle because you will be spending more time cleaning out the filter than actually extracting citrus juices. Though the CJ625 pulp filter will occasionally get slightly clogged it’s a very rare occurrence.

Juice Quality and Yield

As far as the actual quality and amount of juice go, this product is certainly one of the best in regards to both. The powerful motor and auto-reversing features will completely strip lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits and produce a generous amount of juice that tastes great. Some critics have noted that the auto-reversing feature may actually take away from the amount of juice created, but most agree that this feature does the exact opposite. 

CJ625 Noise Level

In addition to the auto-reverse feature providing a mixed bag of liquid amounts, there have been a couple other very minor complaints some folks have noticed with the Black & Decker CJ625 Juicer. One complaint is that the product is rather noisy when compared to similar juicers. This is certainly a matter of opinion and most don’t find the noise of the machine is terribly loud. The only other complaint customers have with this product is that after just a year or so of use the motor may squeak and grind a bit causing the reamer to wobble. This is probably due to just simple wear and tear and isn’t seen in the product very often.

black & decker cj625

Juice Container

A couple of other somewhat overlooked features this product offers are a clear-view juice container allowing you to accurately see exactly how much juice you are producing. There are also easy-to-read measurement markings printed on the juice container which removes the amount of guesswork needed for juicing recipes. The juice container comes designed with an easy-to-pour spout, which makes transferring the liquid a spill-free process. Finally, a handy storage cover is provided to protect your juicer from dust.

CJ625 Pros and Cons

  • check
  • check
    Useful Container
  • check
    Pulp Control
  • Noise Level
  • Potential Grinding
  • Not Great for Large Amounts of Juice

CJ625 Final Thoughts

Black & Decker continues to build upon its legacy of producing quality products with this citrus juicer. Not only are the products Black & Decker are making easy to use and durable, but they are also very affordable. The Black & Decker CJ625 has a price tag of around $20 or so, which is certainly a fair price for all it can do. Black & Decker also offers a two-year warranty with the purchase of this product which is a great added bonus.

There are quite a few citrus juicers on the market today, but The Black & Decker CJ625 is in a class of its own. They have simply put together everything you need in a rather inexpensive, yet powerful juicer. The quality with which this product was built is certainly what makes it stand out. You will be able to comfortably and quickly juice your favorite citrus fruits for years using this machine. This is why customers continue to turn to Black & Decker for their juicing needs and they do not disappoint.