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Cold press juicers – whats all the rave about?

A new trend is sweeping the world of health, diets and detoxing.

Although the idea of juicing has been around for decades, since the technology was available, a recent advancement in this field has seen a rapid increase in the sales of a new type of machine: Cold press juicers.

Whats all they hype about?

first of all, you must understand what cold press juice is, and also how its made. A good starting point is to familiarize yourself with the differences between cold press juicers (masticating juicers) and centrifugal juicers.


What is cold pressed juice?

There is juice, and then there is cold press juice. If you’re into your juice, you will know that cold press juice is quite expensive, when compared to normal juice. What’s the reason for this?

Cold pressed juice is juice which is essentially ‘squeezed’ out of the fruits/veggies, rather than being sliced by spinning blades, which is how standard, centrifugal juicers work.

It takes longer to extract, but there is a benefit to this; it’s full of the maximum amountwhat is cold pressed juice of vitamins and nutrients possible, so it’s essentially the healthiest juice you can drink.

Users and critics alike are beginning to rave about this new technique and the trend is beginning to sweep the world; with particular prevalence in Australia and the United States. But, what makes cold press juicers so great?

Through evolution, a human being has developed to chew food at between 30 to 60 chews per minute. This ensures that the maximum amount of nutrient availability enters the body. Generic centrifugal juicers run at between 1000 and 30000 RPM. This would be the equivalent to a human chewing at 30000 bites per minute, an incredibly unnatural number. Cold press juicers look to replicate the natural eating process with speeds ranging from 200 RPM and less.

The cold pressure method that these juicers use sees fruits and vegetables crushed together and placed into a permeable pouch. This is then subject to masses of pressure, which squeezes out all of the liquid and thus all the positive nutritional values within the liquid. When the process is complete all that remains is a pulp that contains no liquid. It is for this reason that the cold press juicers claim that they produce the highest quality nectar and the final product retains the vast majority of vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the original product.

In comparison to generic centrifugal juicers, the juice yield of a cold press juicer is at least 20 to 30 % more. The higher nutritional values associated with the product are as a result of the powerful slow motor that effectively eliminates oxidation. This, again, preserves the important enzymes and nutrients that are vital if this type of detoxing is to prove effective.

It’s easy to see why cold pressed juice is so popular. Instead of eating a few pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables daily (which is hard) you can be confident that you will get the same nutritional value by using a cold pressed juicer.


Cold press juicers can do much more than just cold press juicejuicing…

As well as the aforementioned health benefits to cold press juicers, there are also several practical benefits of these types of juicers. Although these juicers can be expensive, they also can do much more than juice. Many of these machines can juice things like wheat grass, can turns nuts into nut butter, grind coffee, produce baby food and many other tasks that would normally require more than one machine. With a cold press juicer, only one appliance is required without the fear of any heat or foaming. These juicers also operate with very little sound or heat; decreasing the wasted energy so that all the energy is concentrated into making a healthy juice.


Cold press juice benefits:

It’s fair to say that cold press juice is preferred by health fanatics who want the most nutritional value from there produce. Apart from all of the other well know benefits of juicing, Here are some more reasons to get into cold pressed juice:

  • The juice is high in nutritional content
  • Tastes better than normal juice!
  • Longer shelf life – because there is no oxidization (which happens when centrifugal juicers are used) the juice can last up to 72 hours without going bad
  • You can juice leafy greens with cold press juicers (something you can’t do with other juicers)
  • Helps with weight loss and clears up skin conditions

best cold press juicer

So there you have it, it’s easy to see why cold press juice has exploded around the world in such a short period of time. Drinking cold-pressed juice is the way of the future and it’s a great way to stay healthy and in shape.

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