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What Everyone Ought to Know About Juice fasting

Juice Fasting – its a popular trend at the moment, but how much research have you really done into it?

Juice fasting

Get Your Juice On!

What’s the point in trying a diet course without understanding its basics?

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about juice fasting? Probably, not. The name itself is so simple that anyone can figure out how it works, right?

Well… No!

Many find the idea of juice fasting appealing and decide to try it shot, but then how many manage to survive through the whole “well-planned” course?

Many people who have tried juice fasting claim that it is too difficult to do. But if that is the case, then why is it so highly recommended by fitness experts and nutritionists?!

Here’s why?

  • It’s not as difficult as it seems. You just need to get your basics straight and set expectations right.
  • It’s one of the best alternatives to those costly “pills and powders,” which promise a lot of health benefits and hardly deliver a thing.
  • Being in charge of your health and having good control on your diet, boosts your self-confidence.
  • You stay more energetic and less lethargic in day-to-day life.

So How to Start…What Should A Beginner Do?

Firstly, understand the most vital point: Juice fasting is NOT meant to work as a quick fix.

It will not enable you to lose weight instantly, or cure ongoing health issues overnight. If that’s what you expect, turn back. However, if you actually wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose weight without making yourself suffer, and then by all means give juice fasting a try.

Secondly, know your “juice”

Sorry, but the juice boxes, which we pick from the food stores, won’t help. During juice fasting, you’re supposed to cleanse your inner system. The added preservatives and other chemicals, from the packed juices in the store, are going to beat this purpose. You’ll need fresh fruits and nutritious vegetables to make the healthy juices required for juice fasting. And yes, include the pulp. Check out some of our juicing recipes here.

Thirdly, don’t be too hard on yourself!

At times, as a beginner, you’ll need to balance your fast with moderate meals. But make sure, these meals do not include junk food or any oily, processed “delicacies.” This article will help you out if you are a beginner juicer, so don’t miss it!

The goal is to strengthen your digestive and immune systems, without adding too much pressure to your mind and daily work routine.

So, now you know what to expect, right?


How Far Should Beginners Stretch Their Juice Fasting?

Most health experts advise starting the fast initially for a trial period of two to three days.

Do not rush into it. Allow your body to adapt. Trying your first juice fasting during certain holidays, such as weekends, can be a quite helpful; avoid stressful environment. Once you successfully go through your first juice fasting, you can plan for the second one. Try to do it within a week or so of your first one.

Stretch your limits slowly and steadily, but refrain from taking long breaks. As you feel more confident with the diet plan and gain good self-control, gradually progress to a period of four to five days. However, keep in mind, majority of nutritionists suggest not to exceed juice fasting for more than seven days, especially for beginners.

Juice fasting has tonnes of benefits to offer but overdoing it, just like the other things in life, can cause issues. Continuing the fast for longer duration’s can trigger certain deficiencies in your body.


Other Important FactorsHow to juice fast

stay hydrated

The fact that you’re drinking juice doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink enough water. Keep enough juice available to sustain throughout the day. Check for different recipes available online and add variety to your juices. Make the most of your grocery shopping. Don’t just limit yourself to the regular apples, oranges, lemons, carrots, etc. Try vegetables like beetroot too, which is rich in vitamin B12. Cucumber juice can be a good source for vitamin A and potassium. There are plenty of vegetables that are awesome for juicing, so variety is the key.

Never compare your body’s state with others

Yes, Colleagues or family members may be juice fasting too. Different bodies have different needs. Pay careful attention to both your physical and mental state. If you’re starving and feel low on energy, grab some meal. Do not compete, not at the cost of your health.

Buy the proper equipment

A good, high-end juicer. There are great many options available, so spend some time to check the different features provided by leading brands. Visit this page for reviews of the best juicers on the market.

Are you looking for some killer recipes for your juice fasting journey??? we’ve got you covered here.


So go ahead and introduce your body to the wonders of juice fasting. Set smaller and achievable goals, plan accordingly, and stick to the decided course.

As you begin, you may need to push yourself a bit but it will be worth the effort. Remember, your target is a healthy lifestyle. So, focus and adapt accordingly. With the right knowledge, now say ‘yes’ to juice fasting for creating a new, rejuvenated you.

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