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Keep It Green and Leafy: 8 Fat Burning Juices That Are Good For You

Few know the ins and outs of juices that are good for you better than Jason Vale.  His health books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide.  His most popular book– 7 lbs in 7 days: The Juicemaster Diet— even kicked the Da Vinci Code out of the number one spot on Amazon.  

With tons of TV appearances and celebrity endorsements under his belt, it’s hard to deny that this Juicemaster guy is probably really onto something.

So what does Vale have to say when it comes to deciding which fruits to juice for weight loss?  The answer may surprise you.

He recommends that juicers keep their fruit juice intake to a minimum and focus on juicing up stuff that you don’t ordinarily eat everyday.  According to Vale, green and leafy vegetables should make up the bulk of any juicer’s regimen– especially if weight loss is your goal.

Let’s take a look at some of the best veggies and fruits to grind up and drink for weight loss purposes.

Juices That Are Good For You #6:  Carrot Juice

There’s a lot of vitamins and juices that are good for you trapped inside a carrot– vitamins A, B, C, E and K plus Beta-Carotene.  Juicing a carrot makes it much easier for your body to absorb those essentials.  But here’s the good news for dieters: a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that eating 200 grams of raw carrot every morning increases fat excretion by 50 percent.

Juices That Are Good For You #5:  Celery Juice

If you are trying to break bad eating habits, chances are that your body is in need of a good cleansing.  When it comes to cleansing, few fruits or vegetables come close to celery.  Celery contains a nutrient compound called coumarin.  Coumarin boosts your liver and kidneys, helping you purge any toxins that may have been slowing you down and robbing you of energy that you could have used to get off your feet and move.

Juices That Are Good For You #4:  Spinach Juice

According to a study from Lund University in Sweden, drinking spinach extract before breakfast increased weight loss in test subjects by a whopping 43 percent.  The study confirmed what the Popeye cartoons had already suggested– spinach helps you get ripped!  Be sure to throw plenty of spinach into your mix to help curb your appetite and reduce food cravings.

Juices That Are Good For You #3:  Cucumber Juice

Part of losing weight involves keeping your gut healthy.  The inside of your stomach is an ecosystem of bacteria and microbial life.  If it gets thrown out of wack, your body will suffer as a result.  A study from Dr Jyoti Vora published in ‘International Journal of Science and Research’ has shown that cucumber peels not only improve digestion and aid weight loss, but also contain compounds that kill off harmful bacteria and microbes.  So, be sure to leave the cucumber peel on before you throw it into the mix.

Juices That Are Good For You #2:  Apple Juice

For weight loss purposes it’s a good idea to focus on veggies.  With that being said, many fruits do contain compounds that help dieters shed pounds.  Apples contain pectin– a fiber that coats the intestine and helps move food along through your digestive tract.  Pectin also absorbs and removes harmful toxins.  Additionally, apples help break down cholesterol trapped in the liver.

Juices That Are Good For You #1:  Beetroot Juice

Who the heck eats raw beetroot?  Hardly anyone– that’s why it’s a good idea to juice it up and slurp it down.  This under-appreciated veggie power-up contains compounds that will help you last longer in the gym by improving your blood health.  Nitrates contained in beetroot will provide your muscles with a stamina boost.  The Peninsula Medical School at The University of Exeter discovered that their subjects could cycle 16 percent longer after drinking half a liter of beetroot juice every day for a week.

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