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Progressive Citrus Juicer Review by Prepworks

The Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer is a great product that many juice enthusiasts have found to work great for juicing citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. Though Progressive isn’t a very well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances, the company has been in business since 1973 and has perfected its dome lid citrus juicing product

Progressive has managed to create a product that is lightweight and compact, yet still has the balance and durability to rip through lemons, limes, and oranges with ease. Here are a few of the great features this “lemon squeezer” has and why this juicer is one of the best products of citrus juicers on the market today. 

Prepworks Citrus Juicer Features

The first thing that you’ll be impressed with when using this citrus juicer is its simplicity. It doesn’t over-complicate the rather modest process of extracting juice from citrus fruits. It only has just a few parts, including a dome lid that attaches to the juicing cone, which also has convenient measurements written on the side.This is a great time-saving feature as you won’t have to pour the juice into measuring cups or spoons when you are finished juicing.

The printed measurements will have all your calculating needs covered as it has measurement amounts of milliliters, cups, and tablespoons. The base of the juicer also has printed measurements writing on it, which makes this product easy to use because it can double as a measuring cup. Because the Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer is rather small the measurements don’t exceed one cup on the top lid and can only measure half a cup on the bottom. 

Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer Review

Lightweight, Yet Durable Juicer

When first examining this Prepworks juicer, you may find it to feel rather fragile because of its light plastic parts. This is certainly not the case as Progressive was able to make this product compact and lightweight while still giving it some durability.

They were able to accomplish this by making their Dome Lid Citrus Juicer from heavy-duty plastic that was made to withstand years of use. In fact, customers have cheered its durability because the product has served them well for many years. One particular customer explained that they have used this product for over four years and it works just as well as some of the stainless steel juicers on the market.

Another pleased customer was happily surprised when their fears of breaking this product became unfounded as they were able to successfully use the juicer for over eight months and beyond without a single malfunction.

This is very impressive considering that you have to put a fair bit of force down on the cone and base when juicing lemons, limes, and oranges. You would think that after just a year or so you would start to see the durability of the product diminish. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with this particular Progressive product as it will continue to work great for years and years.

Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer

Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer Limitations

The dome lid, juicing cone, and base of this manual citrus juicer all dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning this product a breeze. One thing about this product that can be an issue is that the tray beneath the juicer tends to get clogged up rather easily.

This tends to be the case with most similar types of citrus juicers because you need to make sure the slots where the juice runs into the base are the perfect size to allow just the juice to flow in the collecting receptacle while preventing seeds and pulp from entering it as well.

This inevitably will become a bit clogged especially when juicing oranges. Though the Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer does suffer this issue, all you need to do is give it a quick rinse and you’ll be back to juicing in no time.

Juicer Price

The price of this product is another great reason to invest in one as it’s fairly cheap at around $7–10. Though the price tag of this product is rather inexpensive, the product itself is well worth the investment. Unlike other similarly priced products, the Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer won’t break after just a month or so of using it.

Prepworks Juicer Pros & Cons

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    Useful Features
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    Solid Build
  • Easily Clogged Tray

Final Thoughts

I really can’t stress enough how fantastically built this little juicer is. It absolutely rips through lemons, limes, and oranges and really maximizes the amount of juice collected when using this product.

It has everything you will ever require for simple juicing needs and it will remain easy to work with for many years.  The modest price tag makes it a worthwhile investment for anybody looking for a citrus juicer. Progressive really hit the nail on the head with this product and it does not disappoint.