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Top 7 Reasons to Start Juicing

Juicing is quickly become the latest craze in the health food world. Perhaps you have heard about it and are interested in learning more, or perhaps you are ready to take the plunge, but need a bit more convincing. Here are seven reasons why you should integrate juicing into your diet.

  1. Diversify your diet

juicing-dietAccording to research, it is not enough to simply make healthy eating choices—you must also be sure to eat a number of different foods, rather than falling into a pattern of eating the same items every day. Juicing is a great way to add more diversity to your diet, as it allows you to use vegetables and fruits that you might not otherwise have a use for, or even particularly like.

  1. Makes veggies palatable for those who hate their greens

This is one of the most common reasons people give when asked why they first started juicing. Realizing that you have unhealthy eating habits is incredibly easy, when you compare it to controlling the urge to gag when you try to eat vegetables that you find disgusting. But when you juice, you can mask the task of your least favorite, but incredibly nutritious foods with the taste of fruit or that of vegetables that you do find appealing.

  1. Better nutrient absorption

Juicing helps to break down fruit and vegetables so that nutrients are released more effectively making them easier for the body to absorb. Failing to break down food (such as swallowing without chewing, as I used to do with green beans, peas, and beans), means that some nutrients will remain trapped within the food and fly through the digestive tract without ever benefiting your body. But, by using a juicer, you are essentially imbibing food that has already been chewed and pulverized to the point that it is liquid, resulting in speedy nutrient absorption and more effective nutrient retention. (If you decide to buy a cold-press juicer, like the Super Angel Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer, you will receive even more nutritional benefits.)

  1. Aids digestion

This goes along with #3; breaking down your food before you put it into your mouth means that your digestive system will not have to do as much work or expend as much energy. This makes the process more effective and can even help those who suffer from indigestion.

  • Simple way to get your recommended daily amount of fruits and veggies

Have you ever looked at the nutritional guidelines list and thought, “How on earth am I ever going to eat NINE servings of vegetables? I can barely eat three!” For the record, nine servings of vegetables roughly equals to 4.5 cups; unless you really like vegetables, that is a lot of consume in whole form. And the same goes for people who are not fans of fruit; throwing one apple into a juicer is a lot easier than eating it by itself.

  • Can aid weight-loss efforts

When done correctly, juice can help you lose weight, especially if you use it as a replacement for an in-between meal snack, or if you exchange the sweetness of candy for the sweetness of fruit and veggie juice, which can be just as tasty, but with many more health benefits.

  • Allows you to reap the benefits that come from having a healthy diet.

When you stick to a healthy diet and get all of your recommended nutrients, your body will feel so much better. Not only that, but you will notice differences in your mood, in your skin, your hair, your energy levels, and even your sleeping habits. If you are not eating a healthy diet, juicing can be that first step that you take, the first change that you make, that can help lead to a reformation of your eating habits in general. Think of it as the world’s healthiest “gateway drug.”

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