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About Us

Hey there, and welcome to the juice fanatics!

Juicer Fanatics comprise of amazing individuals who have been juicing to our good health for years. We come from a variety of different educational, personal, and professional backgrounds.

Get to know our staff!

Ryan W.

Ryan’s journey as a juicer began when he applied for a job at a juicer manufacturer (no, we can’t say which one) and was subsequently hired. He quickly became interested in his company’s product and bought a juicer to try out for himself. During those first few months, he reckons that he drove his neighbors crazy with the sound from his first centrifugal juicer, which he would experiment with at night after work. He eventually upgraded to a cold-press juicer and has never looked back. He enjoys trying out and reviewing new machines as well as staying up-to-date on the latest in juicer technology.

Eliot V.

Eliot is our juice-mixing master. He owns his own juice shop where he spends all day developing new ideas for delicious juices in between helping customers. His encyclopedic knowledge of fruit, veggies, vitamins, minerals, and the properties of each makes him the absolute authority on how to create a glass of juice that is tasty and healthy, at least here at this site. He enjoys finding and trying exotic fruits and vegetables, and figuring out how to incorporate the new flavors into his menu, as well as in his contributions on here.

Melissa P.

Our stay-at-home mother of three is responsible for the day-to-day running of the site. Prior to mommyhood, she worked as an editor for a local food magazine and considers herself a lifelong foodie. She adopted the paleo diet after her last pregnancy and has never looked back. She has only been juicing for the past two years, but says that it is the best decision she has ever made, as it helped her reform her eating habits and instill healthy attitudes toward food in her three children, who unknowingly imbibe their full servings of veggies every day when they drink their “yummy juice.” Along with Eliot, Melissa is one of our creative juice adventurers who help us develop new juice ideas.

Jennie G.

As the daughter of self-proclaimed “all-natural, crunchy hippies”, Jennie grew up manually juicing everything from beets to pineapples, creating concoctions in her family’s kitchen that, by her own admission, could be amazing, but were usually terrible. (She now relies on the advice of Eliot and Melissa, much to the relief of her parents and husband) By day, Jennie is a massage therapist at a local spa and, on the weekends, she is a volunteer at an animal shelter, but she is a juicing fanatic ALL of the time. Her favorite duty on the site is conducting product reviews because, as she says, she “likes to pick them apart and poke them with metaphorical sticks.”

Maddie C.

Our youngest team member, Maddie C., is a nursing student who has always been fascinated with food and healthy eating. She is our go-to resource on health claims and anything involving the science of nutrition, since she is the only one with formal medical training. She is responsible for the majority of our informative articles, as it combines her favorite subject (nutrition), one of her favorite activities (research), and one of her skills (written communication).