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VonShef Professional Juicer Review – 400W Whole Fruit Juice Extractor

If you want to create healthy, nutritious drinks quickly from fruits and vegetables the VonShef juicer is just what you’re looking for. This juicer is perfect if you want to make large quantities of  healthy juices to store in your fridge. You can swap store bought juice full of additives for a healthy, fresh and delicious juice made with fresh fruit!

If you’re an Amazon Prime member your luck is in! Purchase the Vonshef juicer today and receive fast and free delivery so that you can get juicing right away! Once you’ve made your own juices you won’t look back, they’ll give you the energy boost you need for the day and fill you up until your next meal! You can juice any whole fruit or vegetable without chopping! There’s no reason to miss out if you’re in a hurry, simply add all your ingredients in and pour your juice into a bottle to take with you on your way out!

VonShef Professional Juicer Features

The VonShef juicer is ideal for those who don’t have much time on their hands, as there’s no preparation needed! The extra-large wide mouth feeding chute allows you to put your fruit and vegetables in whole! The centrifugal action can achieve a 60 - 65% juice extraction, which is great! You’ll also benefit from a 17.5 fl oz juice cup so that you can store your final product from fruits and vegetables!

Another benefit this centrifugal juicer has is that it’s easy to keep clean and presentable. It has a stainless steel finish which is easy to wipe clean and a desirable design to tempt you even further! The large 52 fl oz detachable pulp container helps keep any mess at bay and is easy to take off for cleaning. All of the detachable components are dishwasher friendly to make your life easier!

You can get fast results from this juicer due to its 400W power motor. This makes it quick and efficient which is perfect for those with busy lifestyles.  You can quickly make up your juice on your way out and toss the pulp container in the dishwasher (if you have one) One of its best features is the safety lock; the VonShef juicer has an automatic overheat protection and double safety lock to ensure your safety whilst using it, the juicer will only start if the lid is locked in.

VonShef Professional Juicer Review

Juicer Specifications 

You’ll find your juicer will come with everything you need to begin juicing right away, this includes:

  • Pusher/plunger to safely load and push down ingredients
  • Filter Basket for more hygienic pulp collection 
  • 17.5 fl oz Juice Collection Jug with lid for easy storage 
  • Large 52 fl oz Pulp Container to minimise mess
  • Voltage: 110 – 120V 
  • Power: 400W 
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Juicer Size: 12 X 8.5 X 13” (Height X Length X Diameter) 
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Juicer Limitations

Of course no product is perfect and there will be some customers who aren’t happy with their purchase. Whilst researching the customer reviews we found that the only negative comments we could find were that a couple of customer’s had issues with the juice not extracting fully. One customer described finding their juice had too much pulp.

If you’re not happy with your product then we would advise to get in touch with customer support, however it appears there are many more positive reviews as opposed to negative. If you want to find out for yourself then follow the link at the bottom of the page to see what customers have to say about this product.

VonShef Machine Review

Why You Should Buy this Product 

As you can see the positives far weigh out the negatives when it comes to this centrifugal juicer, many customers have had positive experiences with their purchase. Other than the endless positives listed above we’ve got evidence from customer’s that’ll tell you why you should buy this product!

One customer stated ‘we love it! It is easy to use and to clean’ and another stated ‘Juices really well. A great value. Doesn’t take up much space.’ Many customers appear to have the same view on this juicer stating they’re happy with the end result! Why not take a look at what they have  to say for yourself for extra peace of mind? If you want to see for yourself then simply follow the link at the bottom of the page and check out the customer reviews.

VonShef Juicer Pros & Cons

We’ve devised a pros and cons list to give you an overview of the main points we’ve discussed. We’re aware it can be overwhelming reading lots of information which is why we’ve simplified it into two lists for you to consider your juice fountain purchase fully.

  • check
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    17.5 fl oz. Storage Cup
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    60 - 65% Juice Extraction 
  • Report of Poor Juice Extraction
  • Some Cases of Overheating

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend this ​fruit juicer to those of you who have busy lifestyles or aren’t keen on prepping your fruit and vegetables. It’s perfect if you want to just toss your ingredients in and have a delicious glass of juice as the end result to add that bit of extra nutrition to your diet! You can even make larger quantities and store it for later, or even the next day!

The VonShef fruit juicer is more than reasonably priced and has a desirable design for you to store it on your worktop without taking up too much space if you’ve run out of storage space. Get the health kick you need by searching recipes online to make juices bursting with vitamins to make you feel good and bursting with energy! Why hesitate? Follow the link below to make your purchase today, we’re certain you won’t regret it!