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You Won’t Believe This Insane Orange Juicer Machine

Would you throw down two and a half grand on an orange juicer machine?  Fans of the Norwalk Hydraulic Press call it the Rolls Royce of juicers.  To Norwalk evangelists, this gigantic machine is hands-down the best juicer on the market– but it’s also one of the most expensive.  

If you have the money to spend and if you’re serious about OJ, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press is worth an investigation.  Let’s take a closer look at this beast and what they’re saying about the Norwalk around the web.  

Getting the Most Out of Your Oranges

According to Natural Juice Therapy Manager and qualified Natural Juice Therapist Mairi Taylor, oranges offer an astounding array of health benefits.  Everyone knows that oranges have lots of vitamin C, which make it the go-to juice for fighting off colds.  But did you know that the hespiridin contained in orange pulp helps normalize blood glucose levels?  Additionally, orange juice also wards off breast, liver and lung cancers.  A high-power orange juicer machine like the Norwalk will help you maximize the health benefits you get, although a cheaper orange juicer machine will likely do a fine job of releasing the nutrients as well.

Pure Power

If you are looking for an orange juicer machine that will maximize the amount of juice that you get per pound, look no further.  The Norwalk Hydraulic Press isn’t just your ordinary orange juicer machine– it’s an industrial strength monster.  Proponents of the Norwalk love its size and power.  Weighing in at over 60 pounds and built out of stainless steel, the Norwalk looks (and sounds) like it belongs in a factory.  Its ridiculous crushing power means that you will get 50 to 100 percent more juice out of your oranges.  

Juice Anything and Everything

If you own this beast, why stop at oranges?  The Norwalk Hydraulic Press is more than a simple orange juicer machine– it will even smoosh the nutrients out of hard-to-juice yet highly nutritious stuff like wheatgrass.  Nothing beats a fresh cup of pure orange juice in the morning, but if you own this machine you might want to consider adding some other fruits or vegetables into the mix.  The added health benefits of juicing leafy vegetables are worth it.  

Two Machines in One

The Norwalk contains both a vortex triturating head for cutting and grinding as well as a hydraulic press that crushes the nutrients out of the pulp.  If you own a store and want to sell a large amount of orange juice to your customers, the Norwalk will likely take care of your orange juicer machine needs.  An added benefit of the Norwalk Hydraulic Press is that it comes with an impressive warranty.  This stainless steel device is manufactured, serviced and hand-assembled in the USA and it’s built to last for 12 years, guaranteed.

It’s Not For Everyone

If you simply just want to make a little orange juice for yourself at home every once in awhile, this particular orange juicer machine may be a little too intense for your needs.  Some customers have complained about the extreme amount of noise that this powerful machine makes when it is operating.  Also, the thing weighs over 60 pounds and takes up a significant amount of space.  While this is a good juicer for someone running a business, the average juicer will probably want to explore other options.  Check out our other juicer machine reviews to read about what else is out there.

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